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Real Estate & Title Insurance

Closings & Title Insurance

For years, the Shipley Law Firm & Title Company has successfully represented individuals and businesses in the purchase and sale of property and closings. We will draft and review any closing documents, perform title and lien searches, help resolve any title disputes that come up, and represent you during closing. We will ensure that your real estate transaction is successful and that any remaining title defects are taken care of.

Title insurance is designed to protect the buyer in the event that other claims to the property arise – including liens, title disputes, and fraudulent acts by previous owners. Lenders often require that the buyer of real property purchase title insurance. If you require legal assistance regarding closing or title insurance, please call the Shipley Law Firm & Title Company for an initial consultation.

Easement Disputes

An easement is a right to use another’s land without possessing it. For example, a landowner may be granted an easement to cross a neighbor’s land if there is no other way for the landowner to exit his or her property. Easements are usually, but not always, created by written documents such as deeds, contracts, or wills.

However, disputes can arise over issues such as the location and scope of the easement, or the reasonableness of use. In some cases, the written terms of the easement are unclear or vague. As easements involve complex legal issues, it is important to consult an experienced attorney when dealing with easement disputes.

Enforcement of Deed Restrictions

Deed restrictions are restrictions on the use of one’s property. One example of deed restrictions is restrictive covenants. Deed restrictions may include limitations on remodeling, the size and design of the house, rules on pets, landscaping, and more. If a homeowner is in violation of a deed restriction that cannot be resolved, the matter should be handled by an experienced real estate attorney.

Enforcement of Real Estate Contracts

The Shipley Law Firm & Title Company is pleased to represent clients who need legal assistance enforcing real estate contracts. If you have entered into a contract and the other party now refuses to comply with the contract, or violated one of the terms, it is important to contact a real estate attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

Evictions & Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Our firm represents landlords in eviction proceedings, lease violations, rent, and other landlord-tenant matters. We try to resolve disputes through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, but if necessary we will take the matter to court and represent you in litigation.

Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often have covenants that regulate how you can renovate your home, whether you can keep pets, how much you need to pay in fees, and more. Many times, disputes arise between homeowners and HOAs over what they can and cannot do.

If you are involved in a HOA dispute, your best option may be to contact an attorney to represent you in mediation or arbitration so that you can resolve the issue without a costly and time-consuming legal battle. However, in more difficult cases, our firm will also aggressively represent you in litigation.

Mortgage Foreclosure

At the Shipley Law Firm & Title Company, we assist homeowners who are going through foreclosure by looking for alternative options including short sale, mortgage modification, and deed in lieu of foreclosure.

We also assist lenders with foreclosure actions and negotiations with the homeowner. A real estate attorney will make sure that your interests are protected and that you have title to the property after the foreclosure is completed.

Property Boundary Disputes

Property disputes arise when the boundary is unclear between two parcels of land, and one landowner is discovered to have encroached on the neighbor’s land. Often, a legal dispute ensues between the landowners. In some cases, a court may draw new property lines, especially if the landowners knew about the encroachment and remained passive, or if the encroaching neighbor made substantial improvements to the property. Other times, however, the legal boundary lines will be enforced.

Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title action occurs when two or more people claim title, or ownership, of the same property. The parties go to court and the judge makes a final determination as to who owns the property. A quiet title action takes about 3-6 months, and an attorney can usually appear in court on your behalf.

Attorney Christopher J. Shipley has successfully represented clients throughout Florida in a variety of real estate matters. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida real estate attorney, please call (352) 383-3397 or submit our online Contact Us page.

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